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Latest news - Chapter 6 - Fund-Raising and Funding for building the campus at Nam Long Shan Road

Top level Canadian International School Chapter 6 - Fund-Raising and Funding for building the campus at Nam Long Shan Road
( 02.10.2003 16:01 )
This was particularly challenging to CDNIS as the Canadian government has no constitutional jurisdiction over education here in Hong Kong and no financial support is available.
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( 02.10.2003 16:02 )
After securing the Site and detailed planning of the design of the campus, the next important step was to ensure sufficient funds in the coffers to commence the construction process.
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( 02.10.2003 16:06 )
When CDNIS was started in September 1991, there was an early recognition of the necessity to make parents to appreciate the capital needs of a school. Capital Levy and Nomination Right were introduced, at the start of CDNIS, to supplement CDNISíŽ fund requirements.
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( 02.10.2003 16:07 )
A capital debenture is a method by which CDNIS can raise funds for its capital requirements. It is an obligation of CDNIS to repay the debenture holder, without interest, the face value of the debenture.
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( 02.10.2003 16:08 )
In order to assist the building of the campus at the Site, the Hong Kong government was prepared to grant an interest-free loan in the sum of HK$ 66.6 million to CDNIS.
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( 02.10.2003 16:09 )
As mentioned in 6.4 above, the income from transfer fees secured from Debenture sales/transfers over the years is another important source of funding for CDNIS.
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( 02.10.2003 16:09 )
The Ball was held on April 20, 2002 at Grand Hyatt Hotel to raise funds for the new indoor swimming pool. The Ball Committee was chaired by Alan Dick and Perveen Crawford and was a tremendous success. The Ball raised close to HK$ 2 million.
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( 02.10.2003 16:10 )
Other donors have also contributed to the funding of CDNIS.
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