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( 25.01.2017 09:37 )
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( 25.01.2017 07:03 )
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( 02.10.2003 16:28 )
CCA was incorporated in November 1987. The main architects of its constitution were Ching-Wo Ng and Spencer Lee.
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( 02.10.2003 16:30 )
CCA was incorporated on November 3, 1987. Since then, Felix Fong, Kwan Li and Kenny Tam had made amendments to its Memorandum and Articles of Association during their respective years of chairmanship.
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( 02.10.2003 16:32 )
Some time in May, I ran into Allan McLeod, Head of CDNIS and James Mistruzzi, Principal of Japanese International School at Aberdeen Boat Club.
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( 02.10.2003 16:32 )
This is the 16th year since CCA¡¦s inception in 1987. Many things have happened since then and notwithstanding the somewhat skepticism expressed by the Canadian community at the beginning, CCA has survived, thanks to the efforts and roles played by many of its past chairmen and executives.
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( 02.10.2003 16:33 )
July 1 is a special day, especially for Canadians residing in Hong Kong, be they returnees or expatriates.
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( 02.10.2003 16:34 )
Recently, a new member came to me and expressed her concern that she might lose her job if she could not get enough clients to satisfy her quotas.
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( 02.10.2003 16:35 )
Share Memories, Songs and Laughter
with DANNY DIAZ at Hotel Miramar's "eyes"
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( 02.10.2003 16:38 )
A series of articles on Neck and Back Pain-
by Dr. Philip Leong, B.Sc. M.D. (UBC)
Canadian Asian Neck & Back Institute (¡§CANBI¡¨)
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