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( 26.05.2002 12:12 )
Log in first, click 'change user info', key in your new password and click 'submit new information'.
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( 26.05.2002 12:18 )
Log in first, go to 'Members' Profile', click 'new submission', enter your personal data.
Only the 'name' field is mandatory, everything else is optional. 2 photographs can be attached if you like. Revision can be done anytime at your convenience.
Note : This is a voluntary submission. The personal profile entered by you can be viewed by other members. If you don't want your profile to be publicized, DON'T submit.
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( 04.06.2002 13:31 )
Click "Forgot Password" on the upper right corner of the home page and follow the instruction given to get a new password. Then change it to the one of your choice.
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( 06.06.2002 16:50 )
Go the "Forum" area which works exactly like a chat room over the web. Click "new message" to submit your own or "reply" to respond to others.

You must log in first to use this facility as there may be sensitive material which we do not want to go public.
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