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After the return of the CCA group from Russia, Wilson Wong had arranged some of us to attend the family studio of Victoria Yun so that we would be able to enjoy the excellent sound and sight system of her studio. As a result, CCA has decided to set up this group so that we may, from time to time, attend Victoria¡¦s studio for the same purpose. Any one who is interested to join the group please call Eunice at 2574-0222.

Report - music/video Appreciation on September 5, 2009

Our group had another music/video appreciation session on September 5, 2009. On that day, members enjoyed various kinds of music and videos at Betrue. Here is a brief report prepared by Mr. Kenneth Yun:

¡§a. As the grogramme-running time in tight, the LP /CD comparison will be on the coming Oct 03 gathering. Since a Very-Nice LP playback system (turntable/ctridge/phono amp...) will be well-readied within this week.

b. Both Henry and Gloria Choy told me in a later time, that some of their friend had auditioned the Kissin¡¦s Piano Recital in 1993 (DVD 2008), more than convincingly, we should have to place this on programme, not to mention about , J.S.Bach /Kempf ¡§Siciliana¡¨, Schburt ¡§Wander¡¨ Fantassy and much more.

c. Wilson Wong reminded to continue the series-movie ¡§The TUDORS¡¨¡Kplus more colorful Pop/Rock essence Musicals¡K

d. Generally, Increase the varieties/genre but in a scheduled time-line is a positive and encouraging suggestion¡K

e. Enquiries, either on software/hardware were increasing¡¨

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