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1.3 The seed money

Top level Canadian International School Chapter 1 - Founding of CDNIS

Fund-raising was a problem and the skepticism of the community was understandable. Initially, each founder provided HKD10,000.00 as a personal loan to start CDNIS.

Albert Wang was responsible for fund-raising and had to scratch his head many times to find the ways and means to accomplish his task. He was finally able to secure the donation by Mr. Raymond Chan, a personal friend, a sum of HKD500,000.00.

Roger Chow used his connection and was able to secure HKD250,000.00 from Standard Chartered Bank (H.K.) Trustees Limited.

On June 26, 1991, Albert Wang, under the auspices of CCA, organized the first fund-raising event for CDNIS. A Gala Premiere was hosted at the Hong Kong Convention Centre ˇV Theatre 1. The film ˇ§Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ˇV The Oozeˇ¨ sponsored by Golden Harvest Group, was shown for the occasion at HKD1,000 per ticket. The proceeds in the sum of around HKD400,000 were donated to CDNIS.

These three major contributions provided the seed money to start the School. At the time, efforts to secure donations from Canadian organizations had turned out to be fruitless.

The sub-committee worked extremely hard in those nine months including regular breakfast meetings on every Monday, on top of the other meetings of the sub-sub-committees. CDNIS, operating under the auspices of the Foundation, formally opened its door to students of all nationalities in September 1991 at 7 Eastern Hospital Road, as a primary school with classes ranging from Preparatory to Grade 5.

The Founding Members made a major decision in that education had to be offered with quality at an affordable price. It was decided not to sacrifice standard for the sake of admitting more students. As a result, the intake was only around 80 in September 1991.

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